WE NEED MORE l.o.v.e.

With the release of the debut album "L.O.V.E." the Gan Family Rocks pals are having fun and looking to do a bit of music education. At the heart these are melodic pop songs, with huge hooks, serious musical chops, group vocals and lots of fun energy! A true family affair, the album was written and produced by the Gan family, supported by a veteran group of accomplished musicians. 

Songs like "The Toys Need Help" and "Good Kid" resonate with both grownups and kids, while rockers like "Light Speed" (ode to Star Wars geeks) and "Road Trip (On a Rocket Ship)" are arena-ready with sing-a-long choruses for the whole family.

The title song "L.O.V.E." is a Beatle-esque anthem to being a good person and making a positive impact in the world, and tunes like "Down on Leela's Farm" and "Chelsea Market Sweetheart" have a hint of the Stonesy side of country rock. Ultimately this is a project about engaging kids of all ages and promoting community and education through the power of music and love.

"Smile a little, hug someone. Write a letter, blow a kiss... and put away those guns!"

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